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Meet Anthea – one of our Allied Health friends at camp

🏕️🏕️ Allied Health friends at camp – Did you know each Spectrum Adventures camp gives you the opportunity to attend neuroaffirming Allied Health sessions and activities curated for our families and children?

🏕️🏕️ Highlight on our friend Anthea – Anthea is a Mental Health Social Worker and owner of Resonance Counselling and Kids Therapy and this year’s camp saw her deliver parent sessions around family centred approaches and practices covering topics such as:

🌈  Differences between tantrums and meltdowns

🌈  Co-regulation and building interoceptive language through modelling how Mum or Dad or carer feel with situations giving big feelings

🌈  Knowing our own triggers as parents who may also be Nerodivergent

🌈  Parenting approaches for PDA with low demand approaches and declarative language

🏕️🏕️ Parents are able to attend our Allied Health sessions while their children connect over games and activities being run alongside in our sensory space, offering a unique opportunity for questions to be raised and build everyone’s knowledge on these important topics and learnings.

🏕️🏕️ At Spectrum Adventures camp, we create a safe and inviting space to build capacity through knowledge sharing with families, allied health professionals, and experienced support workers and the power of collective learning

🤝 We are passionate about expanding our network and working together to create lasting impact! 💯

What would you like to see us cover in our future camps?

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