Three weeks to go!

With three weeks to go until we launch our Winter camp in our new location, it’s getting very exciting around these here parts.

There is a flurry of activity, printing, packing, planning and most importantly reminding myself to breathe as I get ready to welcome another 20 Autistic families to a beautiful location for a weekend of connection and excitement.

This year marks my third year of delivering camps, a milestone that doesn’t go unnoticed and I am very aware of the trust placed in me by my community.

Walking this path alongside the families I host, I know very well the accommodations needed to bring a successful weekend together.

Planning safe foods on a buffet, clear signage to help those with delays in motor processing, clearly zoned areas to seek movement, and to find calm. Visuals and a clear plan of where to be and when, these are the things I know well, with lived experience as a parent of Autistic children.

Each camp feels to me like a burst of a festival, like Christmas eve, like a wonderful party I’m planning for my village to help meet everyone’s needs so they are well placed to find others, to form connection, and build their village.

23 sleeps to go!!

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