3 years and running – supporting almost 800 people across 9 camps in SE Qld

Spectrum Adventures was created when a few neurodivergent families went camping together. Our children played together, delighting in each other’s company, stimming away at times, vocalising and info dumping whilst enjoying shared interests. As adults, we were able to relax and just talk, without fear of judgement or the uncertainty that our children wouldn’t be accepted. When meltdowns occurred, we supported each other and when our children experienced something new for the first time, we all cheered. We watched our children’s social skills develop and loved witnessing how they learnt from each other and gained valuable skills in making friends. We formed lasting friendships. This is our wish for you all.

It is incredible to think ….of our first camp, with 11 families who joined us for a rainy but heartfelt weekend.

And now…we deliver 5 camps a year to over 20 families at a time, we see young people flourish, and develop skills, confidence. We hear from families that coming to camp delivers confidence to help them attend other social activities and school events. We hear that our camp strengthens their family relationships, that their children talk about being themselves, being able to be natural, to stim, to drop the mask, the be accepted. That they themselves feel supported, that they are together as a community, learning from others and sharing ideas, resources and suggestions.

Spectrum Adventures delivers positive and Neuroaffirming supports to our Autistic community, creating social opportunities and building capacity through authentic and meaningful connection.

Dee – Spectrum Adventures Director

Dee is a Learning & Development professional with a background working in community organisations. Dee also identifies as Neurodivergent, ADHD powers her day and she has lived experience parenting Neurodivergent children.

Dee works within the disability sector, and is passionate about sharing her understanding of neurodiversity, gained across countless hours of therapy and workshop attendance, supporting families within online forums and connections and of course juggling the demands of Autistic & ADHD family life.

Dee is passionate about helping improve the lives of neurodiverse families, through facilitating social connections at family events, guiding and sharing information to help others on their journey, to creating communication tools helpful in navigating the NDIS and more.

Dee was recently recognised with the Community Impact award at the ND/Autistic Excellence awards – supporting this community and helping others brings incredible satisfaction and joy to her life, Spectrum Adventures is her heart space where she delights in facilitating Autistic friendship and connection in a safe and supported environment.

Further to this Dee was nominated for an Australiaan of the year award in 2024, recognising the support and dedication she delivers to her community.

Our Team

Spectrum Adventure’s team of support staff are all dedicated and caring Disability Support carers, with either a lived experience of Autism or a career working with Autistic families.  

Our team were specially chosen for their warm and nurturing approach and their understanding of neurodiversity and neuroaffirming supports.

All of our carers have a background either in disability support or disability education and have had the necessary checks and training – our camps operate in line with current Queensland Health regulations.

Our Origin Story

Spectrum Adventures was formed as the brainchild of Dee & Julia in late 2020. Having previously worked together as the admins of the Brisbane Autism & ADHD Network, they brought lived experience as carers for their own neurodiverse families, understanding the great need for supporting social connection for Autistic and ADHD children together.

Together in 2021 they were invited to join the Autism Centre of Excellence’s Advisory Group as community representatives, providing the community voice in influencing the direction around research into autism and autism intervention.

By the end of 2022 they had delivered 5 camps together for Spectrum Adventures, across locations from the Sunshine Coast to the Moreton Bay and Scenic Rim and supported a combined total of over 450 individuals for wonderful weekend adventures.

After a restructure, Spectrum Adventures continued under Dee’s guidance, supported by her awesome team.

2023 saw Spectrum Adventures ventured to new locations, with even more supports on offer, and welcomed a further 320 people across 4 camps. We can’t wait now for 2024 and the future.


Julia was one of the co-founders of Spectrum Adventures, having been previously working as a Social Worker with a passion for working with families.

Julia left Spectrum Adventures late in 2022 and is now on her path for further studies. We know she will be brilliant at whatever she sets heart to achieve, and we wish her all the luck! It’s been wonderful working on this joint venture together.