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Why we need community…

 We’d like to take a moment to talk about the importance of finding your village, your community that shares your path.

Sometimes as parents of autistic children, we are told to find the things to fill our cup, to soak in the tub, to remember a mantra or two and find our inner peace in simple steps of self care…none of which connect us to others, or give us the opportunity to hear what someone else has done before, to share a laugh, a smile, or allow us to feel deeply alongside someone else who is looking for the energy to get back up and do the things.

 All the candles and bathbombs in the world do not take the place of connection. Of finding someone who knows your path, and sees you.

That shared beverage, it can be caffeinated or not, it can be online, or in person. 

For newly diagnosed families, finding community, and hearing other’s stories can be incredibly insightful. We are thrust into the world of medical diagnosis, which is not strengths based at all, we are told of all the negatives….when our community can shine the light ahead


Social media, in fact facebook, offers us brilliant opportunities to connect to our village – to find groups that are local (or not) who can lighten your days with their latest discoveries, delights, and sometimes the fails that come with this path. My days are always lighter for the moments I find alongside my community in these here paths.

If you don’t have a local group of autistic families to connect to, start your own! It all starts with one, and a genuine desire to find others and share.

We’d love to hear the great groups and communities you’ve found alongside your family’s journey.

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