Come work with us

Spectrum Adventures is always on the look out for great people to join our team and deliver exceptional and supported experiences for our camp children and families.

What does the job entail?

Our camp team help with logistics around each camp – with physical elements at each camp around unpacking and packing up our sensory room and preparing activities and equipment as needed.

You could be helping someone make their first friend, encouraging someone to try an activity they’ve never done before, or applauding an artistic masterpiece or expression.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please reach out – Autism experience is a must – we valued lived experience from Neurodivergent people or if you’ve been supporting someone who is Autistic.

We provide training, tees, laughs and more…

Accommodation is provided at each venue, you’ll be working long hours but the time will be full while we create long-lasting memories for our camp families.

Camp typically runs from friday afternoon until Sunday midday – the behind the scenes action happens outside of this time so you’ll be working usually from Friday morning until late Sunday afternoon.

Position description is available here.

We have the most wonderful camp team, however as we grow we have the opportunity to include new team members so please send through your EOI or resume details to

What we look for:

  • Blue Card holders
  • Disability/NDIS workers screening
  • Studies completed towards community/disability support – this can include existing Cert IV students right through to Allied Health studies*
  • First aid qualifications
  • High evergy to open crates, unpack resources with a smile over a busy weekend full of laughs and experiences.
  • Experience and understanding supporting Autistic children – parents of autistic and disabled children are especially encouraged to apply.
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly.
  • Physical requirements – some camps see us walking on uneven granite surfaces, up hills, moving trolleys full of water and items to prepare alternate locations for the weekend events.

Allied Health Student Placement

Each camp offers the opportunity for placement opportunities for Allied Health students to come along and join in for a day – we love supporting upcoming future graduates wanting to work in this space, and provide practical experience in supporting Autistic children and families.

We provide activities within our sensory room with arts and craft activities available, we provide support at organised activities at each venue such as the zip line, dolphin feeding, kayaking etc – giving Allied Health students the chance to work alongside Autistic children at camp, and observe the beauty of organic Neurodivergent communication and interaction.

There is a special magic being at our camp that is untapped elsewhere, and we love to share this with upcoming Allied Health grads!

Testimonials from our existing team:

I love working with Spectrum Adventures because we are helping families connect in a way that day to day living just doesn’t allow. You see the families come to the camp stressed and by the end of the weekend they are much more relaxed and happier.

As a support worker working with Spectrum Adventures I find it very rewarding on many levels. One that I really love being part of is, families arrive as strangers and go home with new friends.  

Dee is such a kind and caring employer, she really cares not only about the participants but also all the staff. She is constantly offering opportunities for self improvement and training.

The support from Dee is amazing, her positive energy, openness to new ideas and encouragement makes me feel valued as part of the team.  

Every team member brings something different and everyone always goes above and beyond to make all participants, their families and other staff feel valued.

Dee is awesome to work with, she has so much experience and knowledge. Dee is always up for a chat, or to answer any questions. She always makes time to see the families and us staff and get feedback to improve on every camp. Dee really focuses on making the experience great for everyone, she leads our team with positivity, creativity and integrity.

Dee is great at finding professional development resources to expand the SWs knowledge base. I really consider any people/books/courses Dee recommends because I know they will be positive and affirming influences on my future experiences in the disability/neurodiverse sector.

The team we have is pretty awesome. We work well together, all bringing something different to our work place and open to each other’s ideas.   

Be you, be open, have fun, but most of all don’t think of this as a job – we are just helping people to have a good weekend .

 If you’re keen to join a great team, enjoy encouraging others, supporting families to make new connections then come and join the fun crew of Spectrum Adventures.  

Having support staff that truly understand from lived experience or identify as Neurodivergent creates a safe haven for the parents and children to be themselves without the stress of explaining or hiding who they are.

These camps are not something you find every day, and when you get to experience the joy that comes out of them, it’s so special. I look forward to the camps all year and in the months leading up to them.

We have so much fun! When I’m not working with Spectrum Adventures, I’m an Independent SW, working directly for families or individuals. And although the people I support have large teams of SWs we very rarely get to work together, so working in a group with Spectrum adventures is amazing.

As a support worker working with Spectrum Adventures I find it very rewarding on many levels. One that I really love being part of is, families arrive as strangers and go home with new friends.