Tips for Travel – Sunflower Lanyards

Have you heard about the sunflower lanyards for invisible disabilities?

​​They are extremely handy when travelling, especially on planes and in the airport.

 The Hidden disabilities lanyard is designed to communicate your disability quickly and discreetly and is a great option for autistic people and families when travelling.

​ Using the lanyard in the airport is a recognisable way for your family to travel and be supported – we have found when using it, we were given priority boarding on planes, and airline staff gave additional care when communicating instructions and information.

​​The security staff also recognised and supported our needs, and is just another means of communication that is growing widely understood.

 For those with sensory needs unable to wear the lanyard around the neck, you can also wrap it around your wrist or attach it to your carry on luggage as an option too.

​The lanyards can be ordered from the airport, or online, and are a great option for autistic families to consider – and help to communicate our needs discreetly when needing to travel (and juggle all the things!).

​You can learn more about the sunflower lanyards (and order one!) at the link below

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