Thunderbird Park Camp

An Adventure Camp for the Whole Family

Our Thunderbird Park camp is one of our more adventurous camps. Camp participants will have an adventure packed weekend, with families braving the thrilling Tree Top Adventure Park, battling it out in Laser Skirmish, fossicking for Thunder Eggs in the open air mine, or operating real excavator machinery and construction inspired activities at the new Dig It excavator park!

Evenings offer the opportunity for activities within our venue to bring our community together – teens and tweens will have activities to form teams and join in the fun with a range of activities on offer and peer led discussions.

Parent education and training is supported with Allied Health sessions during the camp with a range of talks and discussion opportunities helping deliver learning opportunities to families to understand and support their child’s needs. Each family is provided with a camp welcome book full of articles to guide and educate parents further including understanding and supporting sensory needs, parenting strategies for demand avoidance children, and more.

Families will be able to unwind by spending time in the calming room and socialising with other families, attending workshops led by allied health specialists, walking to the stunning waterfall, and watching the wild birds being fed.

How to sign up

1. Review our Accommodation Options form to determine the accommodation you want to book for your family and our camp costs. Some of our accommodation options are limited and we will be filling these on a first-come, first served basis.

2. Check your funding the amounts & categories – please download our NDIS Funding Check PDF to make sure you have the right funding

3. Book your family’s place. Click the button to book your family into our event. Once we’ve received your details we issue you an email with the link to our camp registration. Registration is a detailed process and we ask a lot of questions around your family. Please include as much information as you can. We need you to complete this process for everyone who is attending camp.

4. Once your camp registration is accepted we will issue you with an invoice to be paid. Our camps are pre-paid, and will require a non NDIS claimable amount as your deposit.

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