Amazing Day Out – South Bank

Winter 2022

An Amazing Day Out for Autistic Adults

The Amazing Day Out is the perfect adventure for Autistic & ADHD adults. Groups of Autistic /ADHD adults will spend a day engaged in fun activities with each other, in unique and supported social opportunity, joining together for an Amazing Race around the Botanic, City and South Bank gardens. Communication & teamwork will be needed as they search for clues and complete various tasks throughout the race.

After the race, the race participants will meet up for a catered lunch in Southbank. Everyone be able to relax and connect with the other participants in a private setting, whilst engaging in our social and getting-to-know-you games.

How to sign up

1. Check your funding the amounts & categories – please download our NDIS Funding Check PDF to make sure you have the right funding

2. Purchase your tickets. Please ensure that you specify which meals that you wish to eat (kids options or main meal) or any allergies as these will need to be pre-booked.

3. Meet us on the event date for a day of fun!

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