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why now….why are we here

Over the years, supporting our community and sharing information, sharing how to go about arranging services, how to communicate to connect with services, how to advocate for help, how to understand this very foreign world of jargon that is the NDIS….it’s been something that we’ve thought about for sometime, that there is a missing link to help families reach their path, to oversee that everything is travelling as it should, to give support and counsel where needed.

When we talk about parenting approaches and courses, the circle of support philosophy talks to the hands around the circle supporting the family, supporting the child to be secure, to go off and explore and know they can return and be supported. And we knew that we wanted to help more families, and improve the journey that so many families experience. To form part of that circle…to help families use the tools we’ve seen over and over provide calm, to help give tangible effective support and to make a difference in their lives.

We’ve been delivering social events and hosting workshops long before we were told about social distancing and things went online…the joy in seeing friendships form, not only amongst parents as peers together, but for young neurodiverse children and their siblings, has given us hope in the social model of disability.

We know disability camps and events are available to high demand and sold out well in advance, our goals are to keep our tribe close and build kinship with our local families in an offering unique to Neurodiverse children, and follow an inclusion model in our delivery of our events and our camps.

We know carers experience incredible stress and isolation in their lives. 2020 saw us all isolated in ways no one anticipated, the break in routine saw Autistic individuals struggle massively and we hope moving forward we can offer opportunity to share that stress around, to give space to families to connect, and reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness…and build community.

For us it also has seen the culmination of our much planned, much dreamed about goal take fruition, and we are very excited to combine our talents and experience in our offering for you.

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