Tween viewing/reading – A kind of spark

Has your autistic tween seen this yet?

The series a kind of spark is a new series available on abc iview following the journey of Addie, an autistic girl who is wanting to create a memorial for the witches in her home village.

Addie is open about her needs, and topics are tackled included bigotry and ableism, and this faciliated our own family discussion about my child’s and my own experience at school.

The 10 episode series is based on the novel by Award-winning and neurodivergent author Elle McNicoll and my autistic tween LOVED it – there was all sorts of concepts that came up around friendship, acceptance, courage, difference and autism was firmly in the front of conversation!

We shared lots of conversations about disclosure with friends, and what it means to mask and acceot other differences.

Its incredibly beneficial to see quality productions like this with role models for our autistic tweens to see and identify with!

I’ll add a link here where you can purchase the book for anyone who is keen to add this one to their bookshelf!

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