Carer’s Statement

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Carers Statement available to use in your NDIS planning or review meeting, with suggestions on how to unpack the impact to your role as a carer, describe your child’s everyday routine, and request supports needed.


Carer’s Statement Template & Guide

Let’s talk about our Carer’s Statements and why we have a packaged template for you to use.
  • Going into your planning meeting is one of the most stressful situations you can imagine, you may have therapist’s reports, you may have some letters from school talking to some challenges…but then people tell you that you need a carers statement and it’s downright intimidating to know what to put it in, or how it should be structured.
  • Let alone then wrapping your head around the language that NDIS use….it’s a whole new matter of using key words that speak to the bureaucracy you are dealing with….we know this well.
  • The carers statement is where you can talk to your family’s struggles, what has worked, what is working, what isn’t working. And what you are struggling with and the impacts. We explain the categories that NDIS will fund, and we even call out some key parts of the legislation that are helpful for you to refer to, including what is reasonable and necessary and we have a range of examples for autistic families to show you what a carer’s impact statement can contain and will help you along the way.
  • one-off downloadable PDF guide with editable word document to fill out as needed as a template to follow.
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2 reviews for Carer’s Statement

  1. Jess M

    So we had our NDIS plan review yesterday and I feel like it went really well.
    I did want to say a HUGE thank you to Spectrum Adventures for making the templates for the carers statement.
    Our plan review fell on school holidays, which in our house means four children at home AND it’s at the end of the holidays where all the kids have transition anxiety heading back to school so I am getting under 3 hours sleep a night, meltdown after meltdown, partner working 15 hour days and one of the busiest times of the year for our business.
    I was (as usual) such a train wreck and was so nauseated and sick from lack of sleep and stress that I just had ZERO headspace left to even write a carers statement.
    The template was soooooo easy to work with, it was clear, made everything simple and just took all the mental stress and overwhelm out of writing it.
    I would have been in soooooo much drama if I had to do this without the template.
    So anyway, I’m just sharing this for anyone who is possibly stressing about the plan review, as it’s something that made my life so much easier!!!

  2. Maria

    I just want to thank the team for the amazing carers template that they have sent me. I cannot be greatful enough and I think everybody needs to get one.
    I am not a very good advocate for my child’s needs and myself and experience severe anxiety when I have to do this in any environment fully knowing what my child deserves.
    Although I just received it last night and I have an ndis planning meeting today I feel a bit more confident.
    Thank you to all in this amazing group for all the support.

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